Lock-ins likely at former Luton pub following its conversion into an escape room business

Duke of Clarence building supplements existing Dunstable base for 'Locked'

By Steve Sims
Wednesday, 19th May 2021, 4:42 pm
Updated Wednesday, 19th May 2021, 4:56 pm

You can expect a few lock-ins at a former Luton pub now the building has been converted into an escape room business.

With two one-hour long experiences, Locked Escape Rooms launched in Upper George Street on Monday (May 17) and gives the public a chance to test themselves against some fiendish puzzles and riddles.

Having revived the exterior of the tired building, Locked say that inside locals will find a series of stories and escape-like experiences that will wow and excite any who come to play.

The venue

Visitors are given 60 minutes in their group of 2-6 players to solve a series of clues, open locks and doors, find objects and figure out a story whilst aiming to escape the “locked” room, (although for legal reasons it is never actually locked).

Inside the new site are two games - ‘The Duke’, loosely based on the former pub’s namesake, and ‘Prison Panic’ where players have to escape a Thai prison after a backpacking holiday gone wrong!

Locked have had more than 6,000 players through their doors in Dunstable's Quadrant Shopping Centre and the games are popular with groups of friends, old and young, as well as families and even stag and hen groups.

A spokesman said: "The Dunstable shop was opened in October 2019. We were so busy in the first six months before COVID that we knew we wanted to expand. Luton doesn’t have any kind of escape rooms but also has a large population including a university so we saw it as an ideal opportunity.

Will you escape?

"The works included a full rewiring and new plumbing, repairing all the frontage and repainting, a completely new layout inside to accommodate all of the rooms including over 100sq metres of wood panelling in our Duke room to transform it into an early 19th century library."

Tickets are available from £20 per person at www.lockedescapes.com and the experiences are a great post-lockdown activity!