VIDEO: Luton gets sweet treats '“ but would you eat Fluff!

A colourful American sweet shop has opened in Luton Mall, offering the best US candy brands to hungry shoppers.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 20th September 2016, 11:07 am
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 2:45 pm
Gobstopper Candy
Gobstopper Candy

Gobstopper Candy first welcomed in 500 wide-eyed customers on Saturday, September 3, all keen to taste the treats inside the brightly packaged wrappers.

Frustrated chocolate and sweet lovers will no longer have to trawl through online sites to try and order their favourite American goodies, as they are now imported to the Luton Mall store, right on their doorstep!

Brands include Hershey’s, Reese’s, Pop-Tarts and Jolly Rancher, while well-known favourites such as M&M’s will now be available in new flavours .

Bean Boozled

Assistant manager Irfan Jahangir, 28, said: “I love working here because everyone is so friendly.

“Pop-Tarts are the best sellers and our shop is particularly popular with families because the children all want to choose something different to their siblings!”

Pop-Tarts are an American treat which have a sugary filling sealed inside two layers of pastry crust. They were introduced to the US by Kellogg’s in 1964 and are made for toasting.

Another unusual item on sale is the mysterious tub of ‘Fluff’. As a whole bucket full marshmallow, this will be a firm favourite for messy children to wipe everywhere!


It is a sweet, spreadable marshmallow-like cream, which company Marshmallow Fluff recommend in a sandwich with peanut butter.

Irfan believes that tempted customers are sure to splash out on the branded candies such as Pop-Tarts, because of the novelty factor - and, of course, the taste!

Gobstopper Candy is yet another store adding to the cultural diversity of Luton, which has Caribbean, Indian, Bangladeshi, Chinese and Polish food outlets, to name but a few.

Irfan said: “Being in Luton it doesn’t matter what your background is, everyone can be friends. It is the same with food, it doesn’t really matter where it is from – it is about enjoying the taste and having a good time!’

Bean Boozled

Irfan hopes to have special offers at Christmas and the company are looking to have built a solid fan base by then, thanks to a strong interest on social media.

The Facebook site already has over 300 likes and 500 comments, including: “finally, I have my favourite chocolates right next door,” from a Nida Ghayur.

The Mall opening times are 9am - 6pm, staying open until 7pm on Thurdays and opening from 11am - 5pm on Sunday.

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