Town’s poorest to be supported by big gig

Organiser and musician Ian Roberts
Organiser and musician Ian Roberts

Politically-charged music and words will ring out in Luton next week as artists unite for We Shall Overcome.

The event takes place on Saturday, October 3, at the Castle Tavern in Castle Street, starting at midday and continuing to around midnight.

All the bands, poets, comedians and speakers on the bill are from Luton or the surrounding area. Acts so far confirmed include Ian Roberts, Steve Wells, The Breakdowns and Lost Whilst Live, along with poets Sam Upton, Jeremy Holtom and David Cain, comedians such Brian Higgins and Matt Bragg and speakers including Luton North MP Kelvin Hopkins. Staff and volunteers from Luton Foodbank will be on hand to collect donations.

Organiser Ian Roberts said: “We all know that there is a human cost to austerity.

“We know that the most vulnerable people in our society are being hit the hardest, and that’s unfair. So we all need to come together and recognise what’s going on around us, and once we do that anyone with a heart should be doing something about it, and this our way of doing just that.

“There’s no more powerful message than the one that’s spoken on a stage, so this gig in Luton invites like-minded musicians, performers, speakers and entertainers to come and do your thing, or just come along to watch and listen and be a part of something good and decent that is trying to help those who need our help most.”

Admission to the gig will be granted in exchange for food for the food bank, but cash donations to the Mary Seacole Housing Association for young homeless people will also be accepted for those who have not brought food.

Ian added: “For me that’s the ultimate response to austerity – to turn it around and say we don’t subscribe to that, we have a better idea, we’re going right back to basics and making sure that people have something to eat and a roof over their heads.

“It’ll be a day that the good people of Luton can one day look back on and say that they were there, that they came along to show that they cared, that they too were inspired 
to do something, and also 
that they saw and heard some really great bands and artists too.”

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