VIDEO: Guns, priests and a lusty wife help make a Luton film noir

Board to Death
Board to Death

A short film noir shot entirely on location in Luton is starting to make waves on the film festival scene.

Board to Death tells the story of a vengeful husband who hunts down his unfaithful wife’s lovers, as they act out a power struggle enveloping those around them.

Played by actors Joshua Exposito and Victoria Ashford, the couple – known only as ‘The Husband’ and ‘The Wife’ – taunt each other over a board game, with the wife covertly revealing the names of her lovers in a game of Scrabble.

Her gun-toting hubbie then decides to wreak revenge on the lusty lotharios, even taking down a Catholic priest in confession.

Luton man Dammie Akinmola, 20, served as the film’s director. He said: “This wouldn’t be our first time filming a short project in Luton but every time we have, people have been willing to help and give the location to us for free or in return we do them a small favour.

“I live in Luton High Town and in my opinion people are very welcome to helping when it comes to filming as long as you’re polite and respectful.”

The action-packed short was produced by film company Broken Lens Productions, founded by Fellow Lutonian Alex Matthews – who says the film has now been signed up to 25 film festivals with hopes for a screening in Luton very soon.

Locations in the movie include The Edge nightclub in Park Street as well the interior of St John the Baptist Church in Farley Hill. For more information, see