Eerie video shows aftermath of Luton Airport car park blaze

One person has managed to film the destroyed car park close up
Luton Airport car park post-fire, photo from X @LutoneyeLuton Airport car park post-fire, photo from X @Lutoneye
Luton Airport car park post-fire, photo from X @Lutoneye

Video footage shared on social media shows the destruction caused by the fire in Luton Airport yesterday evening (10 October).

The video which has been shared on X, shows vehicles on the top three floors of car park 2 of Luton Airport following the major blaze.

Vehicles are covered soot, while fire damage can be seen on the poles barely keeping the partially collapsed multi-storey structure upright.

Bedfordshire Fire Service believes as many as 1,500 vehicles may have been affected by the fire, while one firefighter at the scene said: “We can't get close enough to see. It's too dangerous, it will probably fall down on you, so they will probably do an insurance job and bring it all down."

The blaze was first reported just before 9pm. More than 100 firefighters were involved with bringing the fire under control, with 15 engines called to the scene.

Andrew Hopkinson, chief fire officer of Bedfordshire Fire Services, said there was nothing to indicate that it was anything other than an accident – but confirmed it was a diesel car that first caught fire.

Flights are now once again scheduled to depart from the airport, which postponed all arrivals and departures after the fire was reported.

It is expected that the first flights will depart from the airport in the next hour. Main roads around the area have reopened, but the airport’s DART service remains suspended.

Two fire engines, an aerial platform and the incident command unit remain at the scene of the fire as crews continue to work with airport fire service to monitor hot spots.

An investigation to determine the cause of the fire is under way.

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