'˜Help us start Luton youth club and keep kids safe'

A determined group of Luton mums is appealing for donations to start a new summer youth club and help keep youngsters away from crime.

Saturday, 23rd June 2018, 10:23 am
Updated Saturday, 23rd June 2018, 10:28 am
Contact the mums via: [email protected] or call 07948025864.

The creative team would like to have the club up and running with a full programme as soon as the summer holidays begin, providing a safe place where youngsters can take part in activities, “get motivated, inspired, and keep on the straight and narrow”.

However, to make their dream a reality, the mums are looking for funding, equipment and food, and are appealing for donations.

One of the mums explained the project’s importance. She said: “Myself and some parents in the Luton area of LU3 and LU4 are trying to start a club for young people, as there isn’t much for them to do. Most young people hang around local shops, takeaways and streets in groups.

“Children as young as 10 are part of gangs and during the summer holidays kids are groomed into joining gangs. Knife crime is on the increase and there is a post code war.

“We want youngsters to know that we care about them and we want them to feel visible and part of a community.”

The mums will be volunteering their time at the club.

Bedfordshire Police’s Assistant Chief Constable Jackie Sebire said: “We know that knife crime is increasing nationally, and tackling the increase in Bedfordshire is a priority. However we can’t tackle knife crime alone – we’re just one piece of the puzzle – so the community’s support and involvement is incredibly important. We are continuing to work closely with our communities and partners, and will always welcome new approaches.”

To report any crime concerns, call 101 or visit: bedfordshire.police.uk/report. CrimeStoppers: 0800 555 111.