'˜Let's get Gary Barlow to sing in memory of Luton teen Casey'

Casey FlissikowskiCasey Flissikowski
Casey Flissikowski
Friends of a Luton teenager who died in a tragic collision are campaigning for Take That singer Gary Barlow to perform at her birthday memorial.

18-year-old Casey Flissikowski was a big fan of the performer and those behind the campaign believe it would be perfect for him to sing at the December memorial on what would have been her 20th birthday.

Care worker Casey died alongside friends Stephen Evans, 20, and Rebecca Nabarro, 23, after their Vauxhall Corsa collided with another car on the B530 near Fancott late at night on December 1.

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The campaign, Sing For Casey, states: “This December we are holding a ‘Shine Bright like a Diamond’ memorial ball on her 20th birthday so that we can celebrate her life.

“All proceeds from the ball are going to the East England Air Ambulance in Casey’s memory as they flew her to hospital and ensured she didn’t draw her last breath in the cold by the roadside.”

Casey’s mum Joanne Mariano said: “It was all so emotive. It was all in the space of five weeks that we lost her, had her birthday and then Christmas without her.”

Mrs Mariano described how her daughter had worked hard to overcome her troubled teenage years and was due to studying nursing at university this September.

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She said: “She really turned her life around ... she would take time out of her own schedule to mentor children about how she’d overcome her problems.

“She was just one of the most beautiful, caring young girls that you could have met. Her heart made her beauty even more so.

“To us, it was almost like what more of a fitting tribute can I give to my daughter than have someone like Gary Barlow sing at her ball.”

Friend Niamh Walsh added: “Casey would have loved it. She was so lovely, hardworking, really pretty, just everything...

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“Because it’s in her memory we want to give her the best memorial we can.”

The campaign comes on the back of a promise by Gary Barlow to perform at the milestone birthday of one of his fans this year. Thousands of applications have already been received via Twitter, and Sing For Casey is just one of them.

Casey’s memorial ball will take place on the evening of December 10 at the Leaside Hotel. Guests will raise a glass at midnight to toast her birthday on December 11.

The campaign is asking the public to support them by tweeting #GetGarytoCaseys20th.