YouTubers create fake promo advert for Luton - dubbed the ‘worst city in the UK’

Let’s not get started on the fact that Luton is a town, not a city
From left: YouTubers Thomas Dajer and Staffan Taylor as they toured Luton. Picture: Yes TheoryFrom left: YouTubers Thomas Dajer and Staffan Taylor as they toured Luton. Picture: Yes Theory
From left: YouTubers Thomas Dajer and Staffan Taylor as they toured Luton. Picture: Yes Theory

It’s safe to say that Luton gets a bit of bad publicity, and the term ‘worst place to live’ has been thrown around a fair bit.

But after seeing a poll dubbing Luton as the ‘worst city in the UK’, YouTube channel Yes Theory took it upon themselves to create an unofficial promo video showing off all the best parts of town. And it’s been watched almost one million times.

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Canada-based filmmakers Thomas Dajer and Staffan Taylor came to Luton to shoot their advert and understand what makes the town so special.

The creators, who have 8.8million subscribers to their channel, took to the streets to get a feel of what Luton people think about their hometown. One man said: “The best thing about Luton is the football club.” And the most positive thing he could say about Luton is: “It’s not Watford.”

At Stockwood Discovery Centre, they toured the museum, taking in the centuries-old history. The men stopped a fellow visitor and asked her what she most liked about the town. She said: “I suppose it’s the people because we are so multicultural now, even from when I grew up, because I am a Lutonian.”

Cafe manager, Carl, was singing the town's praises during an interview. He said: “You’re in Luton, you’re coming to the best place in the country.”

“Something just keeps me here.”

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Then the filmmakers tried some fish and chips at The Wigmore Restaurant, before sitting down to plan how the commercial would go.

One of Carl’s friends, Cameron, met with the men to explain why he’s stayed in the town. Standing in St George’s Square, with the Mall lit up behind them, he said: “London’s already a great place, why can’t Luton be one too? Now the spotlight’s on us, let’s make the most of it.”

“If you go into places looking for the bad stuff, you’ll just find bad stuff. If you think this is the worst place, then I feel sorry for you. You’re missing out...more for me!”

The men met up with Reg, a London cab driver the YouTubers first encountered last year, and went into the Town Hall to have a chat with Luton mayor, Councillor Mohammed Yaqub Hanif. They donned straw hats and the full Luton Town FC kit for their promotional video and went to a kebab shop, sampling ‘the best kebab in the country’.

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They even enlisted the help of Simon, a Lutionion who starred in one of the Star Wars films, to dress as Darth Vader. And it wouldn’t be a trip to Luton without going to watch the Hatters play at Kenilworth Road to get a taste of the town’s community spirit.

By the end of the video, the YouTubers got Luton’s classification as a town correct, so we will let them off. They premiered their 135-second promo at the George II on Bute Street, starring many of the town’s smiling faces. Their advert finished with: “Luton - the worst place to live if you’re trying to have a bad time.”

Singing their praises, Luton Borough Council said: “Yes Theory came to Luton to make an advert and they discovered what we already knew: that our town is full of culture, diversity and positive spirits. What makes Luton unique is our people and the passion they have for their town, as the boys highlighted in their video.

“We’re excited that the world got to see the incredible things we have to offer, from food and history, to Premier League football and diversity.”