Championship Rumours 17th May 2022Championship Rumours 17th May 2022
Championship Rumours 17th May 2022

Luton Town boss issues bold transfer update, Fulham ready raid for lethal striker

Nathan Jones is ready for a summer filled with recruitment ahead of 2022/23 season

Luton’s hopes of promotion for next season ended last night, Monday 16 May 2022, after Huddersfield’s Jordan Rhodes was able to net the winning goal in the 82nd minute.

The first leg of the Championship semi-final play off saw a 1-1 draw in Luton but Nathan Jones’ squad were unable to score in the second leg away.

Following his side’s failure to reach promotion, Jones labelled the Huddersfield fans ‘an absolute disgrace’ for the way they acted after the final whistle.

Speaking to the press after the match, Jones said: “Their fans were an absolute disgrace. I don’t know why the stewards turned up. Some idiots didn’t paint Huddersfield as a good club. You’ve won, go and celebrate with your players. Instead, they were more concerned with making obscene gestures at us.”

With the next transfer window looming, Jones has vowed to spice up the competition in a bid to try for promotion again next season.

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