Hatters boss will do all he can to bring Leicester midfielder Dewsbury-Hall back to Luton next season

Jones hopes to work with Foxes youngster once more
Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall drives forward for Luton at QPR this afternoonKiernan Dewsbury-Hall drives forward for Luton at QPR this afternoon
Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall drives forward for Luton at QPR this afternoon

Luton boss Nathan Jones has confirmed he will do all he can to try and bring back on-loan Leicester City midfielder Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall to Kenilworth Road next season.

The 22-year-old signed off for the campaign with his third goal for the Hatters during this afternoon’s 3-1 defeat at QPR, producing yet another starring role, particularly in a first half which he ran for lengthy periods.

Foxes manager Brendan Rodgers has admitted he could look to use the youngster in his squad at the King Power Stadium next term, such has been his progression at Town, but when asked if there was any chance of him returning for a second spell, Jones said: “I don’t know, that’s a Leicester decision.

“Planning has already started for next year, if there's any way possible that we can get him back in whatever way shape or form, then we will do that.

“I’m sure that we’re high on his priorities list, so if that's something that can happen, we’re in as good a place as any.

“But when we take loans, when we take talented players, they usually develop at such a rate that it’s very difficult to see them again, and that's a credit to our environment.”

A stat recently showed that Dewsbury-Hall had created more chances for the Hatters this season than Juventus attacker Ronaldo and Paris St Germain forward Kylian Mbappe combined.

When asked how he would replace such an end product, Jones continued: “We have to find something else, we did it at the end of last year, we created chances, we took 1.8 points per game, only in nine games.

“We’re slightly less than that now, but still producing wonderful outputs for a Championship side, so if we have to replace Kiernan we will and that's the challenge year in year out.

“We had to replace James Justin, had to replace Jack Stacey, had to replace Jack Marriott, had to replace Isaac Vassell, all these people, Cameron McGeehan, that we sold, we’ve had to replace them.

“It’s a constant building thing, because even though we know this club is going at a real good level and pace, sometimes players go slightly quicker.”

When summing up Dewsbury-Hall’s efforts at Town this term too, Jones added: “He’s done wonderful, but he’s been part of a real good group that has trained hard, that has taken on board, that’s had an open mind, that has just pushed boundaries and wanted to get better, and he’s been part of that.

“Yes he's been magnificent for us, but we’ve been magnificent for him and he’ll be the first to say that.

"He’s come in every day, he’s trained as hard as he could, he’s taken on board everything, he’s had an open mind, but he's also part of a 25-man squad that do exactly the same.

“So they all push each other, they all drive each other on and that's the thing I'm really proud of.”