Luton fans label BBC pundit Crooks a 'football snob' after his ‘idiotic’ and 'disrespectful' comments

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Hatters supporters react to remarks from ex-Spurs winger

Luton fans have hit out at the ‘idiotic’ and ‘disrespectful’ comments made by former Spurs winger Garth Crooks that the Hatters will be ‘down by Christmas.’

The 65-year-old came out with the remarks when compiling his BBC Team of the Week following the latest round of Premier League games, which included Town’s 2-1 defeat to West Ham on Friday night.

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Picking Irons defender Kurt Zouma, despite claiming it was a 'comfortable’ win for David Moyes’ side, Crooks then went on to state: “It's good to see the tangerine colours of Luton back in the big league once more, but I can't take them seriously and see them down by Christmas.”

Luton fans in fine voice against West Ham last Friday - pic: Liam SmithLuton fans in fine voice against West Ham last Friday - pic: Liam Smith
Luton fans in fine voice against West Ham last Friday - pic: Liam Smith

That was quite rightly met with furore by not just Hatters supporters, but football fans as well, as @Richbow79 said: “So much disrespect being thrown at Luton Town.

"Non-league to premier league in 9 years without a sugar daddy owner.

"It's like we won a raffle to play in the top flight. Love it. It's fuel to the fire."

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@LutonAnalytics: "We've lost away to a side who'll most likely get European football this season & one who've spent a billion quid.

"Then at home to an in-form side who recently bagged a European cup.

"Our season was never going to be won or lost on those three games. It's such a basic take."

@JasonHolyhead: “Reality is Luton and Sheffield United probably will be most likely to go down but the disrespect from some pundits is infuriating. It’s football snobbery.”

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@Koukkoullis1:People who make statements like Crooks did so early in the season simply demonstrate the limits of their journalistic intelligence & competence.

"We Hatters all know what we’re in for, and we’re going to enjoy it.

"LTFC - what a story.”

@Millinerstale1: “It’s almost as if we’re an affront to some @BBCSport pundits.

"They’re happy to accept clubs funded by gambling firms but a club that lives within its means & behaves decently has to go. We’re a club with soul in an increasingly soulless @premierleague."

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@stephenrperry59: “He may well be right, but it’s an idiotic thing to say at this stage (particularly given the limited number of games played by Xmas).

"I think I made it 15 games before Xmas, Forest had 3 points at that stage last season and stayed up.”

@dickiedosh: “No matter what happens we are in a strong position but no doubt plenty of people will expect us to finish bottom this year and then struggle again in the Champ next year, but that’s fine as we don’t mind being written off and proving people wrong.”

@HLTCO: “Garth Crooks can’t take Luton seriously, a club who were in the National League in 2014, who have made their way up the pyramid to the top flight of the English game on a shoe-string having been in admin in 2007.

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“It’s such a reductive and disrespectful point of view to take.”

@FanHubHatter: “We may well go down, we know that. Look what we've spent. But Garth Crooks should have some respect.

"Can't take them seriously." Is such a disrespectful comment. Look where we've come from in the last 10 years.”

@pokeefe1: “A club who went from the national league to the Premier League in 10 years absolutely should be taken seriously. So disrespectful and ignorant.”

@mikedoneyL “He couldn’t show any less respect if he tried.

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"Luton will struggle this season no question no need to be a nuclear scientist to work it out but how you deliver a message is completely lacking in respect.”

@MacbethSeath: “Sounds like a you problem Garth, rather than Luton. There by merit and played 3 games against tough opposition. More lazy throwaway comments by a has been pundit."

@Martyn1885 “No team has been relegated after 3 games.

“While other teams around us are not doing well of course we have a chance we finished 3rd in the championship last season so have every right to be in the premiership.”

@Gazanash76: “What does that statement even mean?

"Strange that @BBCSport as a lot of pundits praising Luton and what they have achieved over the last 10 years.

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"Should be taken really seriously from a football journey perspective. Massive step up from Championship to Prem obviously.”

@mpbowen88: “I can safely say I haven’t taken Garth seriously for years.

"Luton there on merit and hard work not rich owners.

"Plenty of time to work on things and if it doesn’t happen, so what.

"How many other teams would swap with Luton in a heartbeat. Garth just a football snob!”

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@KirkbyTyke: “Luton are a proper club with proper fans, the club are run superbly and a lot of the bigger clubs would do well to model themselves on how they are run instead of running up 100s of millions pounds worth of debt #everyonessecondteam.”

@jacobsteele1904: “Luton have only played 1 home game and played against 3 excellent teams, Sheff Utd and Burnley look just as bad if not worse.think the premier league just want Luton to go down because they have a small stadium and are a small club who don’t bring in as much revenue as others.”

@LeeDeason7: “I'd love it if we prove all these 'experts' wrong. So many people can't accept we are in the Premier League. Getting a tad boring now."

@thenaturebhoy56: “Probably nailed on favourites for last place tbh but they’ve come from non league in 10 years to the Prem and haven’t bought it like many others who’ve taken much longer and spent more to climb one or two leagues."

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@LTFC_Gaz: “Not really fussed what Garth Crooks thinks, tbh, but to broadcast downright disrespectful thoughts like this is absurd.

"Highly unprofessional behaviour, especially coming off the back of a game where we probably deserved a point against a team that's just won a European Trophy.”

@DaveGregory64: “I can’t take Luton seriously” What on earth does that mean Garth.

To be fair I never take any BBC pundits seriously.

Jump on the bandwagon dismiss Luton, easy targets, it’s getting boring now.”

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@RobertBell1993: “I’m a PNE fan and I have mad respect for Luton for all they have achieved the past couple of years, we are both similar sized clubs with similar budgets.

“Fair play, every credit to them, that sort of comment from Crooks is very disrespectful, at least give them a chance.2

@ThomasH88560315: “See Im not even a Luton fan. But this is a different world of disrespect given they: a) don’t have the same level of investors as relegation battling Chelsea.

“B) Barely had funds left over after they had to expand their stadium.

“C) Were in the National League some 10 years ago.”

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@jimslyfox: “Thanks for your input Garth much appreciated maybe we should sell out to betting sponsors or sell the club to oil monarchs and flaunt ffp rules or turn a blind eye to owners with a lack of human rights or Americans using us a plaything funny what you do take seriously.”

@gaza_A7: “If they are down by Xmas then Luton isn’t the problem.

"Done an incredible job to get promoted yet no surprise they can’t compete with the trans spending billions.

"No surprise none of the promoted clubs have won yet. Don’t blame Luton when money is ruining the game.”

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@Pip336: “Appalling article. #nffc had this type of comment last season too.

"We are four games in, Luton just three games.

"Give them the respect they deserve at the start of their latest top flight experience.

"Enjoy the experience Luton fans and ignore the nay sayers.”

Writing on the Luton News Facebook page, Jon Boyle said: “If the ref had given a pen and we had drawn 2-2 all the pundits would have been saying we have the fighting spirit needed to stay up.”

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Lee Seabrook Thompson: “Best run club in the Country. Hands down.

"Some of the most loyal passionate fans you’ll ever meet.

"Very successful club over the last 9 years what they’ve achieved is amazing.

"Whether they stay up or not you gotta admire and respect them.

"I wish them luck and hope the new stadium gets built quickly the fans deserve it.

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Janet Gazeley Mead: "To be honest does it really matter what anyone says or thinks, least of all negative Nelly's.

"We got there, hardwork and determination paid off.

"Just enjoy the ride, the season doesn't end for several months and we have many more games to play yet.”

Pete Scott: “I tend to disagree with him, Once we've sorted out the defensive shield, improved on a driving midfield and settled with a robust strong energetic front force we will be pushing for Europe by Christmas!!!

Ashley Higgins: “It’s an easy band wagon to jump on.

"I hope we prove them all wrong but sure enough we will have a great time this year in the Premiership.”

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Paul Duffy: “They just can’t stop talking about us. LOVE IT!”

Dave Bunting: “To be fair, I thought Luton were unlucky against us.

"Luton will claim some impressive wins at home, some clubs won’t like playing in that sort of arena.”

Stuart Franklin: “I’ve always trusted the gaffer.

"He knows what he’s doing and is currently building virtually a new team and positive results will start coming our way.

"Rome wasn’t built in a day and nor was Luton.

"We had a couple of bad refereeing decisions against West Ham, otherwise things could’ve been very different.”