Luton striker Adebayo insists he shouldn't have to keep putting up with disgusting online racist abuse

Town forward Elijah AdebayoTown forward Elijah Adebayo
Town forward Elijah Adebayo
Forward receives abhorrent slurs for the third time in a year

Town striker Elijah Adebayo insists he shouldn’t still have to be dealing with receiving racist abuse from so called football supporters on social media

The 24-year-old forward, who had been subjected to the repulsive slurs twice already this year, was abused on Instagram recently following Luton’s 3-1 win over QPR, in which he scored the first goal, an incident which has been reported to Bedfordshire Police.

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Unfortunately, it isn’t an isolated case, former Town defender Peter Kioso abused back in July 2020 after celebrating the Hatters’ successful fight against relegation from the Championship, while in recent weeks, Sheffield United striker Rhian Brewster and Brentford attacker Ivan Toney have also reported further incidents.

Speaking to the BBC, Adebayo said: "For me, people shouldn't go through what I've had to go through the last year shall we say, because it's the third time this year.

“I've tried to push everything, the club has been fantastic with me, saying, ‘listen we're backing you 100 per cent, if you want to go through with this, we're happy to stand by you’ and that’s all you can ask for.

“I've had loads of people messaging me and showing their support which I love and appreciate and always.

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“It's just something that you shouldn't have to deal with, but unfortunately it's something in our game.

“The only thing I can say is we’re looking at the next generation coming through and we don't want them to have to go through the same things that we're going through.”

It isn’t just Adebayo that is has affected either but his family too, as he continued: “My mum called me straight away and said ‘what’s this I'm seeing?’

“It's like, ‘listen mum, this is something that's unfortunately is happening to us players and you don't have to worry as the club are helping me deal with it.’

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“People are sending me support, it’s just about not fixating on what has been said and what has happened, it's just about how I'm dealing with it and how I am.

"I don't really like speaking about the subject as I am quite passionate about the subject.

“But you can be as passionate as you like if nothing is getting done then there's no need to waste your breath.”

With footballers up and down the country taking the knee once more before matches to try and raise awareness, and the Luton players lining up on the centre circle before every game in a show of solidarity, on whether he thinks such actions are working, Adebayo added: “I think people are more aware of course.

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"I think the campaigns and trying to push the message is obviously helping and slowly educating people, but we can always do more to try and help.

"I tthink those who might use that sort of language need to be educated, and it might need to be from their parents, might need to be from schools, but we need to make sure that the message is getting out there that you can't say that sort of stuff otherwise you will be punished.

"For me anyone who abuses me or abuses anyone should be punished and I feel like that’s the way forward because eventually you’ll stop doing it.”