Still disappointed players let themselves down at Morecambe

Hatters boss John Still felt his players let themselves down for the first time during his reign as Luton boss during the 3-0 defeat at Morecambe on Saturday.

By Mike Simmonds
Tuesday, 16th December 2014, 10:37 am
John Still
John Still

Town were handed their heaviest reverse as they conceded three for the first time this term, and Still said: “I was disappointed and upset for them because they’re better players than that.

“We lost at Burton and I thought we were the best team at Burton, but we lost that’s okay.

“I was annoyed on Saturday because I am immensely proud of the achievements that these players have done for this club last season.

“On Saturday we were second in the league, well, I think it’s amazing. From all of last season and this season that’s the worst that we’ve played and these players deserve better than that.

“Am I unhappy for myself? No I’m not, because part of this job is to understand the highs and lows.

“Am I disappointed for them? Yes, I am, because the standards they’ve set are unbelievable and if they fall below it, I’m disappointed.

“They don’t deserve to fall below it as they work hard, they’re all committed, all honest, loyal, hard-working people and they had a bad day at the office, but we all have a bad day at the office.

“Sometimes, if you’re organised and disciplined and everyone knows their job, if you don’t play well, you can win.

“We’ve very good at that and on Saturday we weren’t, so my disappointment was for the group of players that have taken this club from wherever it was in the Conference to the top of the league and on Saturday second in the league.

“It’s remarkable, particularly taking into account the quality we’re missing from the team, so I was disappointed and told them that.

“It shouldn’t be through a lack of discipline and I felt there was a lack of discipline on Saturday.

“We showed them the DVD and asked the questions and people have said ‘I should have done that’. They’re all fully aware and I would expect them to be, but I try to think of another one (poor performance) since I’ve been here and I can’t.”

The Shrimps’ three strikes were from set-pieces, but despite Luton’s last five goals conceded all coming from either corners of free kicks, Still doesn’t think there is any cause for concern just yet.

He added: “When we analysed it as we have and worked on saves (Mark) Tyler’s had to make, it’s restarts, poor defending, which we don’t do.

“I don’t think it has become a trend. You’re going to concede goals from restarts, trust me, because everyone does, and we never conceded many.

“We’ve conceded one at Burton and Bury, but that one, the goalies up and that happens, you can’t mark everyone, it’s not possible,

“So I don’t really look at that and a trend is usually over three, four five weeks. We don’t concede goals from anything normally.

“If it goes on then I may look at it, but it was individuals not organising, not doing their job properly and we’ve highlighted that.

“We worked on it specifically every week, so that’s why we’re pretty good at it normally. Have we done a touch more work on it? Maybe, but not significantly.”