Still has sympathy for Morrell after Wrexham departure

John StillJohn Still
John Still
Hatters boss John Still had sympathy for former Wrexham manager Andy Morrell after he left the club this morning.

The Red Dragons parted company with the 39-year-old after a hugely frustrating Skrill Premier season as Saturday’s 1-0 home defeat to Barnet left them in 13th, 10 points adrift of the play-offs.

Although disappointed for Morrell, Still wasn’t going to change his preparation ahead of the two teams’ clash at Kenilworth Road tomorrow evening.

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He said: “I feel for him, this is the best job, worst job isn’t it.

“He’s done ever so well at Wrexham, I don’t know all the facts but weren’t they play-offs last year? Got to a (FA) Trophy final as well somewhere along the way?

“He’s done very, very well, but the nature of this industry is some people say you can’t have a bad season, sometimes you can’t have a bad month.

“So I’m disappointed for him, he’s a good football man, I know he has worked really hard there.

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“Will it make any difference to their team? I don’t know. But as it says on the cup, I can only control the controllables.

“I’ve just got to worry about us. Whatever they decide to do or don’t do, it really is if no consequence to me.

“We just got to go and do what we do, I can’t affect them.”

On making the decision to change their manager at such a late stage of the season, Still felt that a look at the Premier League shows it isn’t always the right call to make.

He added: “If someone has done particularly well at the club and the time is right to change your playing staff, it doesn’t happen overnight.

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“It’s highlighted in the Premier League at the moment as clubs that have changed their managers are still down the bottom other than West Ham who didn’t.

“They’re still fighting away and don’t get me wrong, West Ham are not out of it by any means, but they stuck with Sam Allardyce, his track record suggests why wouldn’t you?

“Stoke changing Tony Pulis. I’ve nothing against Mark Hughes who’s gone in there, but to get better? They haven’t got better.

“Fulham. How many times are they going to change their manager?

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“Cardiff, someone (Malkay Mackay) who had got them promotion, the whole club and whole area of Cardiff was behind them.

“There’s nothing wrong with the manager who’s come in, but the management was there and all of a sudden they can’t win a game.

“The Sunderland one was a different situation, but I look around at it, and I think these are good, hard-working knowledgeable people and I think have they really had the right opportunity?

“I don’t think they have, but anyway that’s the nature of the game I suppose.

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“I admire clubs that make a decision and see it through, don’t look at short term, but look at the bigger picture.”

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