Console Corner: Devil May Cry 5 review

Devil May leave you Crying for more...

Devil May Cry 5 is a triumph
Devil May Cry 5 is a triumph

I have been left disenchanted having reviewed the disappointing Anthem and the utterly woeful Left Alive ion recent weeks. This week my faith in video games has been fully restored thanks to Devil May Cry 5.

The legendary action-adventure hack and slash series from Capcom is back with a fifth installment of the mainline franchise.

And my goodness is it bloody brilliant.

Devil May Cry 5 is a triumph

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    The game sees the return of Dante and Nero as playable characters, along with a new character, named “V”.

    DMC5 stays true to the series’ roots and delivers fast-paced, pulsating gorgeous action. You must fight off hordes of demons with a plethora of attacks and crazy weaponry set to a bespoke musical score depending on how you are faring in your battles and how stylish your gameplay is.

    And with an industry best combat system it won’t be long until your attacking prowess resembles a work of art.

    If Capcom could bottle the DMC5 combat system up it would age like a fine wine. It is simply perfect.

    Devil May Cry 5 is a triumph

    Layering all the best bits about the old tried and trusted DMC combat system with new ideas and elements has paid off massively and 
plays seamlessly.

    V is a superb addition to the roster and gives hardcore fans of the series another avenue to explore.

    I recently reviewed Bio Ware’s much-hyped Anthem where disappointing boss fights were indicative of this flop of a game.

    In DMC5 they are the blessed crescendo of thrilling action they should be and provide a stern test of the skills you hone as you fight off a wide variety of terrifying beasts.

    Devil May Cry 5 is a triumph

    The combat is so fluid, so rich in detail and so gob-smackingly beautiful it keeps you gripped on this white knuckle ride from beginning to end.

    The storyline - as ever- is on point and engrossing for newcomers and the hardcore alike.

    This is big spectacle gaming at its best and is even an enjoyable watch for those not playing. The reception DMC 5 has received as been universally positive and rightly so.

    There are a couple of small gripes mainly to do with the Cameo System - DMC5’s multiplayer element - as it just feels a bit of an afterthought.

    But truth be told that does little to spoil the overall experience.

    This is without doubt the best Devil May Cry game to date. Boasting series, genre and industry best combat mechanics the foundations are there to see this carry over to the next generation of consoles from 2021.

    The pace, beauty, music, look and feel are surpassed only by the immense detail and depth to this beautifully-crafted game.

    When you add the forthcoming FREE DLC - Bloody Palace - to the mix there will be plenty to keep your interest long after you have completed it.