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Paving outside the town hall in Luton

Luton certainly has some crazy paving

We’re always told councils have no money to spend.

Jules Richards has built Kenilworth Road in Lego

A new Luton Town ground is built... from Lego!

If you’re a Luton Town fan then at the moment you’re getting very excited about a stadium being built in the near future.


Exhaust-ing battle against bus pollution

We all know that areas of Luton have been declared pollution hotspots and that the council has been tasked with formulating a plan which will cut levels of harmful nitrogen dioxide.

The Sneakairs

easyJet maps out the future with prototype smart shoes

Luton-based airline easyJet tests has come up with a bright idea to help its customers explore the destinations they are being flown to.

News 1
Manager Andrzej Pokrywka opened the store with Team GB athlete Ed  Drake and area manager Krishma Tangri

New Aldi store opens in Leagrave

Aldi opened the doors to its new store in Leagrave this morning with a special ribbon cutting ceremony by Team GB cross skier Edward Drake

Opinion 3
Thomas and Gnorman

Thomas taunted over gnome thefts

We all love a good practical joke and with April Fools Day coming up we’d better all be wary of potential pranks catching us out.

Matt Jam Lamont

Nightlife: Matt’s Easter party will pack a Punch!

Some of you may well recognize my name from your old stomping days at venues like The Coliseum, The Zone, The Ritzy and off course the legendary Charlie Browns where I spent many years at these venues as the resident DJ.

Crispin Andrews

The Ashes Column: Ian Bell is a victim of his own versatility ahead of Third Test

So, England have a bad game, Gary Ballance is out, Ian Bell will bat at three, again and Joe Root is up to four. Kevin Pietersen is relaxing on a beach in St Lucia.

Crispin Andrews

The Ashes Column: ‘Why I hope England don’t make history this summer’

Only once in the last 50 years, has England lost an Ashes series, after winning the opening Test.

The Ashes Column: Crispin Andrews

The Ashes column: ‘Rodney Hogg told me it will be 6-0 to Australia’

And so it begins... yes that’s right the Ashes gets under way on Wednesday.

Opinion 1
Crisis curry conference in Luton

Argy bhaji about crisis with curry

It’s one of Britain’s best-loved foods but sadly it’s looking naan too clever if you adore a curry.

Child 44

Matt Adcock at the cinema - Child 44 review

The Cold War gets grim in Child 44, the big screen thriller adaptation of Tom Rob Smith’s award-winning novel that details the hunt for a serial child killer known as the ‘Butcher of Rostov’.

Opinion 1
Keanu Reeves as John Wick.

Matt Adcock at the cinema: John Wick review

John Wick (Keanu Reeves) is a retired assassin, the best in the business (once killed three people in a bar with just a pencil they say).

Big Eyes

Geoff Cox’s DVDs: Big Eyes; Dumber And Dumber To; The Hobbit 3

I’ve always enjoyed the performances of Austrian-born actor Christoph Waltz, particularly his Oscar-winning turns in Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained, although he’s always been on the verge of going a tad too far over the top.

Reader’s stunning eclipse video

Reader’s stunning eclipse video

The eclipse may be old news now but I love astronomy, so it’s never too late to find some ‘space’ for it in Simply Sims.


Gail Adcock at the cinema: Cinderella review

No swashbuckling, shoot-’em-up or superhero antics this week. Instead sisters are doin’ it for themselves and bringing girl power by viewing, well, the er, totally brand new retelling of Cinderella actually.


Geoff Cox’s DVD reviews: Predestination, Penguins Of Madagascar, Ribbit, Get On Up

A time-travelling secret agent journeys back and forth through history in search of a bomber who has eluded him throughout his career in sci-fi thriller PREDESTINATION (15: Signature).

Nintendo's chief executive, Satoru Iwata, unveiled NX plans Photo: Koji Sasahara

Console Corner: What’s NeXt for Nintendo?

It may be a fair few years away from reality but the big gaming news this week is that Nintendo has revealed it has a new “gaming platform” in production.


Matt Adcock at the cinema: Insurgent review

In the near future, a girl named Tris (Shailene Woodley) is on a mission to stand against the corrupt draconian government led by the evil Jeanine (Kate Winslet).

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