Can New Yorker Dan discover the secrets of the afterlife?

Anthony FaulknerAnthony Faulkner
Anthony Faulkner

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A former Luton businessman has penned his first novella to reveal 'the ultimate secret of the Universe!'

Anthony Faulkner, 59, is the proud author of New York Dan and the Secret of the Afterlife, which sees main character, high flying Dan Rogers, read about a suicide in the newspaper, his life unravelling as he discovers the truth about God.

The “tongue in cheek satire” features love and humour, and despite life in the modern city seeming bleak at first glance, the novella promises to be a humorous read for its audience with sarcasm and clever puns.

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Anthony said: “The big question about living and life is what are we doing here? This book will give you the answer!

“Dan is a trader in New York who reads about the recent suicide of a man named John Merrick, who jumps from the Empire State Building. He wonders why someone would kill themselves.

“Dan lives in a penthouse and his life then starts to unravel. He loses his job and his relationship.

“He meets God, but at one point he also thinks he goes to hell. He ascends and sees a bright light!”

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Anthony’s novella begins with John Merrick ascending the steps of the Empire State Building, and Anthony’s wit is clear from the start, as John reminisces about his failed book, ‘Fifty Shades of Gay’.

He’d heard that Harry Potter and The Da Vinci Code all went on to become best sellers, after they were criticised by the Pope for being scandalous - “so all John would have to do is ensure the Pope gave his book a bad review and, bingo... international book sales so high it would make your eyes water!”

Anthony weaves the humour into the story easily, his words suggesting we sometimes take modern life all too seriously .

The author also talks to the audience at certain points in the novella, indicated by italics, another clever feature of his debut book.

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He said: “New York is very iconic, a cultural centre, so the book is also aimed at an American market.

“I want to thank Amazon for publishing my book and now hope to spread the word about my novella!”

Aside from working in the fast-paced world of business, Anthony has been involved with philosophy groups and has been an avid reader for many years.

He lives in Letchworth and has a partner Jane Bird, 51, and plans to read the book to his father, Denis, who is 93.

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New York Dan and the Secret of the Afterlife is available in paperback and for Kindle via Amazon at £5.60.


About Anthony Faulkner:

The author, like Dan, used to be a financial businessman, his working taking him to Hemel Hempsted and London, where he commuted from his previous homes over the years in Luton’s surrounding villages.

He used to live on Butlin Road from the age of 24, staying for three years, and enjoyed going to “The Sands” nightclub (recently Liquid) , where they “had palm trees inside!”

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