Britain's favourite dog breed to be revealed

Few countries are as besotted with dogs as Great Britain, with 24 percent of the country owning the mischief makers.

And tonight the country's favourite breed is set to be revealed on ITV's 100 favourite dogs: Top 100.

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The result comes after 10,000 dog lovers were asked for their favourite breed of mutt.

Will the German Shepherd be crowned Britain's favourite dog? (Photo: Shutterstock)

The top ten features the German Shepherd, Cavalier King Charles spaniel and the cross-breed Cockapoo.

Springer and Cocker Spaniel's also feature, as does the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Border Collie, Jack Russell and "Mixed-breed".

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The nation's most commonly owned breed, the Labrador, also features in the top 10 - over 500,000 own the popular breed.

British Bulldog a distant 26th

While the order of the top ten remains under wraps, 100-11 have already been unveiled.

The rare Dandie Dinmont propped up the poll, coming in at number 100, while the spotted Dalmatian came in at 39.

Queen Elizabeth II's preferred pooch the Corgi was voted the nation's 82nd most popular breed, while the British Bulldog came in at 26.

Notable breeds absent from the top 100 include the Samoyed and the world's most expensive dog, the Tibetan Mastiff.

Have your say on your favourite dog in our interactive poll below.