Laura Kuenssberg ‘in talks to step down as BBC’s political editor for new role’

The BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg is reportedly in talks to step down from that role to join the Today programme.

The journalist is negotiating stepping away from her role of the past six years as part of a major reshuffle of the BBC’s on-air staff, The Guardian reports.

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Her departure would leave open the key role of political editor at a time when the future of the BBC licence fee is being negotiated.

What has the BBC said?

A BBC spokesperson would not be drawn on the report, releasing a statement instead focusing on the broadcaster’s efforts to appoint a new North America editor.

“The North America editor role is currently being advertised internally and the role will go through the normal recruitment process; it’s a bit soon to start speculating about the outcome of this, let alone other jobs which aren’t actually vacant,” the statement read.

Who is Laura Kuenssberg?

Kuenssberg succeeded Nick Robinson as political editor at the BBC in 2015.

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She is the first woman to hold the high-profile role and had also worked for ITV News as Business Editor and as a chief correspondent on Newsnight.

Kuenssberg has been a contentious figure during her tenure as political editor, a time which included the Brexit referendum and two general elections.

She faced accusations of bias from across the political spectrum through the UK’s departure from the EU, and amid concerns for her safety was forced to attend the autumn party conference season with a bodyguard.

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