On-loan Hatters keeper Ingram explains why he has cancelled honeymoon cocktails in the Maldives for Luton's play-off semi-final against Huddersfield

Rather than finding himself sitting on the beach in the Maldives and sipping a cocktail in soaring temperatures later this month, goalkeeper Matt Ingram will instead be running out for Luton at Huddersfield as he looks to help take the Hatters to Wembley in the play-off final.
On-loan Luton keeper Matt Ingram during his home debut for the Hatters at the weekendOn-loan Luton keeper Matt Ingram during his home debut for the Hatters at the weekend
On-loan Luton keeper Matt Ingram during his home debut for the Hatters at the weekend

The 28-year-old Hull City stopper recently penned an emergency loan deal at Kenilworth Road following the latest in a number of setbacks for Luton this season in their number one role, James Shea suffering a serious knee injury.

With two games to go, the Hatters needed a win to secure their place in the top six, which they did as after a nightmare debut in which Ingram shipped seven at Fulham, followed it up with a solid display and a 1-0 success over Reading on Saturday.

During his post match press conference, boss Nathan Jones revealed that Ingram had been due to go on his honeymoon when the play-offs were on, but has postponed that trip for the time being so he can play a full part for the Hatters as they attempt to reach the Premier League.

Taking the story on, Ingram said: “I had a honeymoon booked but that’s had to be cancelled now as I was meant to go away on the 15th, but it was an opportunity I just couldn’t turn down.

“To play in the play-off finals of the Championship, some players never play in them in their whole career, to almost not be part of the team to do it, it was too good to turn down.

“My first thought was, ‘wow, what an opportunity.’

"Then it was that I had to tell the missus about the honeymoon situation.

“It’s one of those things, where I would’ve been sick if I was on a beach sipping a cocktail and then I see Luton Town pop up in the play-off final and go on to win it and I’d turned it down several weeks before.

“For me, it was a no-brainer.

"I would’ve been kicking myself if I was on that beach and the lads here were lifting the trophy.”

Ingram admitted that wife Amelia, his childhood sweetheart whom he has been with since they were at school, getting married last year, has thankfully taken the news of the postponed trip well.

He continued: “We got married last year, but in Covid times, we didn't have a honeymoon then because of travel restrictions.

"With Hull’s season petering out, we were safe, no chance of the play-offs, we booked the honeymoon and were very much looking forward to it, then this came up and I couldn’t turn it down.

"So she’s been very understanding and fantastic with it.

“I think she realised the opportunity was too good to turn down, so she’s been very good.

“We’ll get away as and when we can, hopefully we’ll get all the way to the play-off final and then we’ll look to rebook after that.

“But my focus is very much on Friday, very much on the game, very much on football, so it’s taken a back seat and that will get sorted out when it gets sorted out.”

On how he will eventually make it up to his wife, Ingram added: “Hopefully, we win the play-offs and taking the family out to Wembley, hopefully that goes some way to making up for the honeymoon.

“And then, as and when, we’ll look to get away when we can.”