Young carer from Luton retrains as Water Babies swim teacher

A young carer has re-trained as a baby swim teacher teaching at pools across Luton and Milton Keynes.

By Olga Norford
Monday, 13th June 2022, 10:30 am

Chloe Smith, 23, has always felt passionately about the difference she can make by caring for others. She initially embarked on a nursing degree and then retrained as a care worker before starting a career in the baby development field.

Said Chloe: “I feel like I’ve found my true calling in life. Meeting local families and their little swimmers has just brought me so much joy – I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the children that swim with me.

“From the moment I jumped in the pool at my first Water Babies training session, I knew I was so lucky to call this a job. I love it so much that it hardly feels like work. I’m able to put my experience in caring for others to good use, whilst making a difference in my own community too.

Chloe Smith has re-trained as a baby swim teacher

"I live in Luton so it means a lot to me to teach at pools like Keech Hospice and Lady Zia Wernher School. They’re close to home and that’s very special to me.”

Chloe has twin brothers, who are now 15, and two step sisters, which served as vital experience for her new career.

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She added: “My brothers were born prematurely, at 24 weeks, and one of them has cerebral palsy so he’s always needed additional support. I’m proud to be the boys’ big sister.

“Like Water Babies, it was a role I was born to do. Taking care of them stayed with me throughout my childhood and teen years, which is why I think I wanted to work in the health and social care industry initially.

Tamsin Brewis, who owns and has run Water Babies Bucks and Beds since 2004, said: “I instantly knew Chloe would be a perfect fit.

“She started her training with us back in January and, since jumping in the pool for her first in-person lesson back in February, the families and little ones that swim with her have fallen in love with her like I knew they would. We can’t wait to see what Chloe goes on to achieve with us – she’s a wonderful addition to the Water Babies family.”

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