Matt Adcock’s film review: Fury, starring Brad Pitt

It’s April 1945 and the Allies are making their final push into Germany, facing fierce resistance after Hitler declares ‘total war’ where every man, woman and child must fight to the end.

In Fury, meet battle-hardened US sergeant Don “Wardaddy” Collier (Brad Pitt) who commands a Sherman tank nicknamed ‘Fury’ with a five-man crew: Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan (Shia LaBeouf), Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia (Michael Pena), Grady ‘Coon-Ass’ Travis (Jon Bernthal) and fresh to the battle Norman ‘Machine’ Ellison (Logan Lerman).

The Fury crew are dispatched alongside several other tanks on a deadly mission behind enemy lines to take and hold a key crossroads in order to try and prevent a force of 300-odd SS Nazis breaking the Allied supply lines to the front. Things don’t go to plan and before you can say ‘last tank stand’ the heroic Fury crew find themselves impossibly outnumbered and outgunned on all sides.

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Director David Ayer delivers an epic valour-drenched tale that will stand as a classic war movie up there with Saving Private Ryan and A Bridge Too Far. It is a bit unnerving though that this director can be responsible for both this staggering masterpiece and the truly terrible Arnie vehicle Sabotage within a year.

Fury is a thrilling and horrifying exposition of a terrible period in our history – viewed authentically through the eyes of the tank crew who we get to know and experience the full force of the emotional rollercoaster of such extreme circumstances.

Pitt is excellent in the lead role and he is superbly supported by the other four men he shares the cramped confines of the tank with, each bringing their own personality effectively to the screen. This makes us care all the more when the crew are thrown into a desperate fight to the finish.

The battle action is breathtakingly ferocious. The sight of Fury with literally every gun blazing is likely to be one that you will never forget. In fact there are many iconic scenes that elevate this far above any standard military drama.

Fury is a must-see tribute to the brave men who fought and died for our freedom.

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